Mid-Day Turkey Tactics

Mornings seem to get all the glory when it comes to spring turkey hunting, and for good reason. Toms gobbling on the roost, watching birds fly down and breath-taking sunrises sure make for an exciting experience, even if you don’t harvest a turkey. But there’s a lot of hunting that can be done beyond the […]

Field Waterfowl 101

Field Hunting Ducks and Geese. Hunting ducks and geese has been popular for many years, but never more than in the past few. Especially field hunting. In this article, I am going to go over 3 key parts to field hunting waterfowl that will hopefully help beginners become more successful, and maybe even teach a […]

Whitetail Deer Mineral Sites

Getting Started…      Creating mineral sites for your deer can bring huge benefits to your deer herds health. Not only does it promote antler growth, but it keeps does and fawns healthy. They are especially beneficial in spring when does are birthing and need all the nutrition they can get.      Establishing these sites in locations where […]

New Ontario Turkey Hunting Regulations 2017

Major changes for turkey hunting. The 2017 Ontario turkey season is going to look quite different this year. Major changes have been approved and will be shown in the 2017 Ontario Hunting Regulations. Here is a summary of the changes that have been confirmed. The biggest change is that you no longer need take the […]