2018 Whitetail Classic

Contest runs from October 1st to December 31st 

$20 gets you a T-shirt and fast track entry into the contest.

1st Place Prizes

Overall 1st place winners will receive monthly prizes as well.

1st Place Buck
Free Browning Rifle & $500 Gift card

1st Place Doe
Free Browning Rifle

Monthly Prizes

We will be giving away monthly prizes to the front-runners for October, November, and December!

Monthly Leading Buck
$300 Gift Card

Monthly Leading Doe
$200 Gift Card

T-Cup Mystery Weight
$100 Gift Card

Draw Prizes

Everyone who enters has a chance to win our random draw prizes!

  • Compound Bow Package
  • Crossbow package
  • Bushnell Optics
  • Under Armour Clothing

Draw will be held after January 4, 2019.

Whitetail Classic WINNERS!

October Biggest Buck – 252lbs – Justin M $300 Gift Card

October Biggest Doe – 141.2lbs – Dan C $200 Gift Card

October Mystery Weight – 130.4lbs – Wayne S $100 Gift Card

November Biggest Buck – 263.7lbs – Pete P $300 Gift Card

November Biggest Doe – 144.8lbs – Ian K $200 Gift Card

November Mystery Weight was 144 lbs which actually gave us a 2 way tie!!

144.2lbs – Jody N $50 Gift Card

144.2lbs – Teresa M $50 Gift Card

Random Draw Prize for all deer entered up to November 8th
Hunter Specialties Deer Hunter Prize Pack – WINNER is Craig L

Random Draw Prize for all deer entered up to December 5th
Hunter Specialties Deer Hunter Prize Pack – WINNER is Cam W

Top Ten Standings (See Full Results)

First Name
Last Name Initial
Date of Harvest
PetePNov 5Buck263.7
Justin MOct 18Buck252
Chris CNov 12Buck250.2
CraigGOct 18Buck243.6
FredcNov 5Buck237.8
CaseyMOct 24Buck233.7
RobertGNov 27Buck229.8
MattDNov 13Buck222.2
CamWNov 12Buck217.8
JessicaKOct 12buck215.8

2018 Whitetail Classic

Name on game seal must match entry and be purchased two days prior to hunting 

Any whitetail entered in the draw must be harvested in Ontario during 2018 legal deer hunting seasons in accordance with all M.N.R regulations. All entries must be field dressed when weighed in at EASTHILL OUTDOORS. EASTHILL OUTDOORS maintains right of refusal to weigh and enter any deer into the draw (Easthill Outdoors Whitetail Classic.) All deer must have affixed to it in accordance with M.N.R regulations a valid deer seal in the name of the person who has harvested that animal and must be registered in the draw at least two full days previous to the date of harvest. All judges decisions are final. *No purchase necessary.