Major changes for turkey hunting.

The 2017 Ontario turkey season is going to look quite different this year. Major changes have been approved and will be shown in the 2017 Ontario Hunting Regulations.

Here is a summary of the changes that have been confirmed.

  • The biggest change is that you no longer need take the wild turkey hunter education course in order to hunt. Everyone can now buy Wild Turkey tags.
  • Season will now open on April 25th regardless of what day of the week it falls on. In past years if April 25 landed on a weekend opening day would be pushed to the first Monday of the following week.
  • The regulations will now allow shot size #7 for your shotgun as well as 4-6. Past years have only allowed shot size #4, #5, and #6’s.
  • The new Ontario turkey hunting regulations will be matching the minimum bow draw weight to the draw weight required for hunting Whitetails in Ontario.
  • There will be a bow-only season October 1-31 in all WMUs that have a fall season.

2017 Ontario hunting regulations will be released soon. Check back for updates.