Getting Started…

     Creating mineral sites for your deer can bring huge benefits to your deer herds health. Not only does it promote antler growth, but it keeps does and fawns healthy. They are especially beneficial in spring when does are birthing and need all the nutrition they can get.

     Establishing these sites in locations where deer feel comfortable and frequent the most in Spring & Summer will provide the best results.

How to get the most from your mineral site:

     1) You have two main options for how to apply your minerals. The most popular is finding a rotting log or stump and pouring as much mineral as needed to cover it. Another option is to clear leaves and debris in a 4-6 foot circle to expose the ground and pouring your minerals over the soil evenly. The deer will eat the log, stump or soil to get the minerals.

     2) These minerals can be dehydrating so setting up your mineral site near their favourite water source is always a good move.

     3) It is best to re-apply a liberal amount of mineral every 4-6 weeks if the deer are using the mineral sites heavily. This is especially true if you have a lot of rain fall, re-applying will make sure that when the deer come back for more, there will be something there for them.

     4) Using trail cameras will be crucial to getting accurate information about how much traffic your mineral site is getting, as well as getting an inventory of bucks that are in the area.

     5) Last but not least, to make the most of your efforts you can transition your mineral sites into Fall baiting sites as your deer already know there is something good to eat in the area.

Mineral sites are perfect for holding deer on the land you hunt, all year long!